It’s Sunny….


Its seems as though Rain was the only choice of weather for months now in Canada…

I usually don’t care about the weather but it got to be a bit much.  I was shopping last week and a woman came up to me and started to lecture me on updating the web sites. She was a passionate fan of our work who also felt she knew us. I asked her to join Brian and me for coffee and an hour later we all saw things differently. She realized that we are no different then her in our artistic process and we realized that to some of you we are a muse as you are to us… I will try to update more often, yet we will expect you to tell us more about your adventures in art and inspiration when you write us….

Now for a bit of catch up…

We have been sculpting 4 major works we are keeping under wraps until their unveiling in the fall of 2011.

As of Monday we are working on 26 pieces for the National Portrait collection the 26 people that we are sculpting thus far are each and everyone a treasure in our life… and each have enriched or even changed our life in so many ways and the journey is only beginning…. there has been a period over the last few months where I questioned spending time living in Canada and contemplated a change… Monday one of the Faces we sculpted was a spectacular subject the structure and shape, the proportions as near perfect as I’ve seen until now my favourite work was Patrick Steward now The Bust of Greg moves into The Favourite spot, add to that his view of life and his values are an inspiration… how lucky are Brian and I that work offers us a chance to grow for the better just by doing what we love…

We have spent a great deal of time working on projects for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards  and there will be some fun and exciting things happing  on the Duke  front that you can be a part off… so check back and I’ll keep you informed. We had a few wonderful highlight moments A silver Award ceremony with the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia was a chance to see some of the youth we have got to know shine and the Gold Award Ceremony with The Governor General of Canada was fantastic, a few of the young men and women honoured have worked with us and we were very proud. The Governor General’s one of the most wonderful heads of state when he is talking to you he is with you and nothing else matters he is captivating and his breath of knowledge immense  … Canada is fortunate.

For the royal wedding we were blessed to sit at a table representing the Duke of Edinburgh in The queen’s official residence with Mayann E. Francis the Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia Making the event a memorable and personal one.

We helped create a Music Video with Vital scenes Productions for the Church of England Canada for the Royal couple and to be shown during the wedding that was a very fun adventure that helped inspire the young Duke participants who helped create it…

All in all it’s been a fun and busy few months

Tonight we begin sculpting a resurrection sculpture with Tristan that I have very wonderful feelings for I think this work will redefine our career.

Now on one last bit of house keeping there have been reports that I was ill and they are true… in April I suffered an unbelievable pain in my head the ER doctors wanted to go into my head right away. that night I didn’t die so your sculptures are have not gone up in value yet…. I also opted not to have surgery of any kind… I have a wonderful life and if it long or short it was as near perfect as anyone could ask … after the last year I can’t say if I believe in the church or God, as I knew it… but I believe in good and evil and I’m secure in my life so I hand it to the force of good to do with as it pleases… if I’m meant to create I will; otherwise I am very happy and blessed. So no lectures please…. let’s just toast to a sunny day… for the next 50 years…

I won’t be flying for awhile so keep in touch and we’ll arrange a couple of events this summer in the east where you can come and meet us and get to know each other

P.S.  I hear  many young gay men and women repeating the myth life is hard, its only what you make it, stop searching for perfect and perfect will happen when you least expect it…  July 4th is our 25th anniversary we were committed in a civil ceremony at sea of the coast of Kennebunkport Maine, July 1st is our 8th anniversary of legal marriage in Toronto, Canada.  As of today its been 25 years and not a single night apart… we didn’t plan it that way it just happened  and to be honest it has been a very easy 25 years  and it only seems like yesterday… just let love happen don’t over think it and don’t listen to your friends and family  trust your heart….

Merry Christmas

It’s 7AM on Christmas Eve morning, and I had to stop and take a moment to say hello and Merry Christmas. for a smile check out the christmas videos page on this site  http://dramatist.wordpress.com/strike/   !!!!! As many of you are well aware I haven’t written in awhile it’s been very busy so I’ll quickly catch you all up! We had our 20th anniversary as sculptors show in august and  since that night we have had only 1 meal at home … we have been honored by dozens of groups and organizations , we are sculpting 5 new major projects including a Lamentation (pieta) for Saint Patrick’s Church in Halifax NS. And we are trying to keep up on a small portion of our mail and messages. Last month over 12,000 emails calls and letters so please be patient with us we are reading and trying to answer as many as possible. Now the news I have held back as most of you know my children’s book series is a labor of love and on November 1st another statue of our dog and the books Star Boomer was unveiled in a park at Saint Patrick’s church in Halifax NS and our cat Cuddles was there to unveil and bless the statue, sadly just a day before we discover that cuddles had terminal cancer she was vibrant and her normal self just gaining weight in the weeks that past she deteriorated quickly this morning she cuddled in bed with us but she is here only by the grace of God and we fear that she may not even make Christmas. She is in no pain and still trying but it is painfully obvious. I will write more in the coming days but it is difficult she has found her way into our heart and I fear the moment to come…. When it happens we will sculpt her for her place in the park next to Boomer and her heart will live for ever in a tribute children’s book I’m writing for the Canadian Navy’s 100th anniversary.

Many of you are asking about our holiday schedule for the first time in 18 years we are in Canada for the holidays and our 6-9 city Christmas new years tour will wait till next year… we will hold only one event on January 9th in Halifax if you want to join us drop us a note at BOOMER_NY@hotmail.com and we’ll send you the details and make sure your on the guest list, you are al welcome!  We decided to stay in Canada to be with Cuddles till the end and make every moment as wonderful for her as we could, so although Christmas is being observed our nine trees has down sized our 12 days of 12 Christmas parties off till next year and our holiday spirit a bit lacking…please understand we treasure your cards and letters and life will be back on track soon…  To day is a difficult one because I miss Macy’s on 34th and sax  I didn’t have breakfast at the palm court today but Cozy’s in Halifax is just a s warm and loving … I’ll miss the party at the duplex but Holly and Michael will make up for all the friends we miss with TLC.. what I’m saying is even though our hearts are heavy the love and joy of Christmas is not the places or even the people, it’s the love and that transcends time and space… so where ever you are today take a moment and maybe a tear to remember all thee love in your life, and no matter how lonely this moment seems, your never alone when you give a smile and love… I promise it’s always returned and on Christmas Eve it’s returned 10 fold, so go out today to church or a mall or a walk down a busy street the magic of Christmas is there as long as you are… Santa Clause is alive and well as long as you smile and wish a stranger a truly Merry Christmas …..

We love you all and from my heart a pray you all find that moment of love that even in the sadness of death brings forth a very merry Christmas

God bless us one and all

Joey & Brian and Cuddles


pieta 3Calliope was to be a small celebration of 20 years of our sculpture and it seemed to grow rapidly into a vision of its own.  Diane was a blessing of organization that held the variables together, we invited just over 100 people and our door prize ballots held 793 different names and addresses, the food and venue were world class and our quite evening to unveil the pieta of the Mira on our 20th anniversary as artists was celebrated by a capacity crowd of well wishers.  Tringa Rexhepi opened the evening with Otis Smith singing a new piece I wrote for the evening, they were a wonderful paring.  Otis entertained us with works from my catalogue as well as his own wondrous creations.  Filling the theatre with music.  The rotunda was the home to over 100 of our works as well as over 50 works by artist who we are inspired by. As we unveiled our newest works on the floor of the rotunda, the magnificent music of Ardyth and Jennifer filled the space above the sculptures with harp music from just this side of heaven. 

pieta 1

One of the fathers of Canada’s constitution also one of Canada’s most prominent premiers the legendary John Buchanan and his wife Mavis unveiled the Pieta of the Mira Blessed by Rev. Nancy Whitney and serenades by the beautiful voice of 7 year old Bethany Reid this was the highlight of the evening celebrating 20 years of our work.

pita hope

Peter Primgaard-Nielsen friend and Butler to Mr. Hope and the wonderful musical group “Smooth Ease” helped us pay tribute to the USO and BOB Hope as we unveiled our Portrait of the legendary Bob Hope. Otis Smith took us on a once in a lifetime journey inside the Acoustic Version of The Washington Symphony. And then into his world and music. The incomparable actress and vocalist Patricia Bredin-McCulloch helped unveil the Face of the Union our Bicentennial portrait of Abraham Lincoln. While Halifax Regional Councilor and frm. Deputy Mayor Sue Uteck and the face of the Gladiator Ryan Mackenzie helped unveil the Gladiator. CTV entertainment personality and 2 time Murrow award winner Liz Rigney help unveil our portrait of Elizabeth Taylor.

pieta 2

CTV local and national news covered our small private celebration as did the American networks and some foreign stations. It was hard to believe our sculptures have entered the lives of so many people all over the world.


Our evening Calliope celebrated our muses, dedicated to the eldest and most distinguished of the nine Muses. She is the Muse of eloquence and epic or heroic poetry. Calliope (”beautiful voice”) is the mother of Orpheus and Linus with Apollo. She was the arbitress in the argument over Adonis between Persephone and Aphrodite. Her emblems are a stylus and wax tablets. She represents our quest for the perfect written work the ultimate sculptural image and the definitive musical score a never ending quest to be better than we were or thought we could be, a quest for our CALLIOPE….

If you have any pictures of the evening we’d love to see them; drop us a note at BOOMER_NY@hotmail.com

With Warmest Regards

Joseph & Brian

Polls show that only 14 percent of Americans believe that humans developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life. Forty-four percent believe that God created human beings almost overnight within the past 10,000 years, and another 36 percent believe that God guided humans’ evolution from animals over a much longer period of time.

Many people think you can’t believe in evolution and still believe in God;  Faith does not mean that you have to give up common sense. Faith is deeper than that.

200 years ago today 2 men were born who changed the world and their inpact today is as vtial as when they were  alive.

Charles Darwin the father of evolution who freed our thoughts and Abraham Lincoln the great emancipatior who freed our souls.

Remember in these challanging times their contributions were not always easy and often came with great sacrafice yet as history holds their impact did nothing less than change mankind itself…

May their contibutions never go unnoticed and may we all be wise enough to take note of our contepararies who walk amoung them in greatness passing the tourch is their greatest legacy.


Check back, for  A  FIRST LOOK at our Lincoln bicenntenial sculptures and my tribute to Lincoln on CNN.

12:05 pm EST The 44th President of the United Stated of America


“Each man a thread woven into the fabric of a nation, embodied in a flag, represented by a man; alive in a never ending dream called freedom”

J.B. Landry

 am trying to answer all your mail… and will spend the next week catching up (I Hope)…

We have decided to work hard and finish our bi-centennial Lincoln sculpture for the next two weeks …

We will post pictures of the new Lincoln next weekend…if our vision and the actual piece work out it will be one of our proudest moments… if not you’ll have a good laugh…


Many of you are asking about our sculptures sadly for our collectors yet happily for us we are still booked solid with commissions and will not have pieces available for general sale for some time. We are currently booked for the next two years and not taking new commissions. 


We could use your help, we are in a search to find someone similar to Abraham Lincoln our sculpture is working except for his smile so we need a volunteer with similar features to help us capture the fine details of the movement of the piece, so if you are close in resemblance, we could Use your help…drop us a line we are looking for someone between Nova Scotia and Virginia, when we can’t get a subject to sit for us  it helps to have a life model or photographs and both are in short suppy for Lincoln … our dream is to finish  all three  designs sculptures before the end next month. ( we don’t need facial hair either,just the look and general features)


We will try to show our new pieces before they head to their new homes sometime in February or March.

“ I think one’s art goes only as far and as deep as your love goes,”

Andrew Wyeth


Andrew Wyeth’s Master Bedroom not only tells a story, but it pulls the viewer into the emotional life of Andrew Wyeth’s creation.

Today I woke to the news that someone I admire and respect had passed away On the occasion I spoke with Andrew Wyeth I knew I was in the presence of greatness, his ability to see beyond the canvas was uncanny our piece Cornerstone of the Nation exists in part because of Wyeth his advice that there are moments to be alone to walk away and then comeback and feel the piece. This was the reason we let Cornerstone stand as it is without overworking it; The essence of George Washington exists because of the guidance of Wyeth. Sadly he will never see our newest piece for the bi-centennial of Abraham Lincoln once again his advice gave us cause to stop and not destroy or rework a piece that we felt in our hearts; but believed no one else could feel… Time passed and we polished and gave depth to this Lincoln and thanks to the advice of a master, we let the stone speak to us through our hands and we didn’t force the words … in a few days on the 20th of January we will show for the first time our Lincoln a tribute to greatness … Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln for asking us to put right above self, Bishop Gene Robinson for showing us that faith is the only truth, Andrew Weyth for giving us the strength to find Beauty in Love and not Image, And Barrack Obama for Hope that one day these elements may come together in the nation. Tonight our hands will begin our vision of Lincoln and between now and the inaugural we will complete 4 original versions of our vision dedicated to the four men we call hero, 2 friends, 1 idol and one Unknown for whom we hold HOPE…. Today as the colors of Brandywine are grey and snow-covered underneath lies the beauty of love sometimes hidden but always felt, the forces that draws us to a pallet of little color filled with the depth and breath of the unknown exuding a force we can’t turn away from one word sums the life and work of Andrew Weyth “ LOVE”